Another F.Y.I. Moment from BNA Talent Group

Helpful iNFO for Actors

Continuing Nashville talent agency BNA Talent Group‘s commitment to sharing information and resources, here is helpful info for actors.


SHORT FILM CASTING | ‘Organ Grinder’ by Chad Kinkle
Chad Kinkle is casting a short film to be in Nashville at the beginning of October. Project shooting on RED with a local crew. It will be a two day weekend shoot. The short will be used as part of the writer/director’s demo reel. Since the project is not for profit, he’s looking for actors that will do this for credit only.
Main Cast:
1. Cass – (Lead) – Female – Needs to be able to play a mid to late twenties character as well as early twenties for flashback scenes. Has a country look.
2. Cindy – Moth of Cass. Waitress that’s lived a hard life. Someone in their 40s.
3. Jimmy – Male – 20’s-30’s – His look doesn’t matter too much since he is possessed in the scene.
4. Sam – Male – Truck Driver – 40-50’s. Needs to be foreboding.
Supporting roles:
5. Paramedic 1
6. Paramedic 2
7. Female Cop
8. Male Cop
Auditions are taking place August 21st from 12pm-6pm. In order to find out more information, as well as submit directly to this director, please email Please note certain roles may require partial nudity. (Please note BNA Talent Group is posting this casting notice at the request of the production office only. We have no  further information or verification of this project.)
ONE KISS CAFE | Auditions in Nashville 
Role: Ricky Stakonis- Male (18-21 years old) – Ricky is an aspiring country music artist from Oklahoma to Nashville with a personal approach to songwriting complicating his romantic life. (Singer/Songwriters are encouraged to audition).
Rehearsals start Wednesday, August 17 (6-10pm). Show opens August 27, 2011 and will run open-ended on Saturday evenings. Performance contract will be for a minimum $25 plus incentives.
-To schedule an audition, email: (Please note BNA Talent Group is posting this casting notice at the request of the production office only. We have no  further information or verification of this project.)  
Here are a couple workshops that we were sent. The reputations of these two opportunities are solid and we recommend them. BNA Talent Group does not endorse any one particular workshop or opportunity, however, we provide this information as an education purpose only. Please contact these service providers directly.
Caroline Wooldrige Locorriere is the founder of Nashville Acting Studio, the only advanced script analysis and emotional preparation focused scene study studio in town geared toward acting for the camera. The Studio is now accepting auditors. Sign up to audit today– there are only two more classes being offered this year. For more information, check out our website: | Caroline can be reached for information on the classes and to schedule an audit at
Caroline Wooldrige Locorriere has taught acting for the camera and film studies courses for six years at Belmont University and began Nashville Acting Studio three years ago. Students benefit from small class size, a detailed script analysis worksheet and intense scene study (from film and television) as well as discussions on emotional preparation, auditioning and the business of being an actor in this market and beyond this market.
Casting Director Holly Allen’s audition workshop at the Actor’s School in Franklin, TN – Saturday August 13th from 9am-4pm.
· What Casting Directors Want
· How to Nail the Audition the First Time
· Script Analysis
· Making Positive Choices
· Playing the Truth & Using Yourself
· Working with a Partner
· Auditioning Skills & Tips
· Improvisation in Auditions
· Empowering Yourself
· Image, Type & Marketing
· Union vs. Non-Union
· Agency Relationships
· Analysis of Performance
Holly Allen is the casting director for Film House, a large and very busy production company in Nashville, Tennessee. She auditions and casts hundreds of actors every year for projects produced by the creative teams at Film House as well as for freelance clients.Film House has produced three feature films over the past several years including Deadline, which just wrapped in January of 2011 and will have a theatrical release in April of 2012. Ms. Allen did all of the local casting for this feature. The other films were No Regrets, which sold to the Lifetime Network and Two Weeks starring Sally Field, which had a theatrical release and can now be rented on DVD.Ms. Allen began teaching in grad school where she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting and hasn’t stopped teaching since. She has taught at universities, colleges, independent acting schools and private lessons for over 15 years. She has been doing workshops for The Actor’s School for many years now and loves teaching!Most of the actors in Nashville who become eligible for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), do so from working with Film House. She continues to search for and cast new talent all the time in union military commercials for the American Forces Radio and Television Services as well as many other non-union commercial and industrial projects.Ms. Allen is also a professional performer and acts in many local plays, films, commercials, industrials and voiceovers. Being a performer herself, she strives to create a fun and safe environment in all her workshops where students feel comfortable to explore the craft of acting.Each student will have the opportunity to work on camera with two separate commercial scripts with detailed direction and feedback. She also gives each student a 4-page handout with tons of tips, advice, local acting websites, books to read, union info and agency information.  
To sign up for the class, please call (615) 500-7661 or send an email to: