BNA Talent Group: 10 Things Series

10 Things: Actors Can Do During Slow Economic Times

BNA Talent Group's 10 Things SeriesDuring this unprecedented time of economic slowdown in the entertainment industry in the U.S. (as well as Nashville)– actors, models, hosts and parents of child performers are eager to get the next audition call, booking confirmation and independent opportunity. Instead of performers just scratching their heads on what to do next, here are 10 Things actors can do for themselves and their agents during slow economic times.
1. Update headshots and resumes
– This is one of the only tools for representation that agents use. So take the time to update them!
2. Update casting websites
– Depending on the resource that the actor’s agent utilizes (Nowcasting, Breakdown, LA Casting, etc.), be  sure to add recent photos and update age, stats, resume, etc. Most actors forget about these services.
3. Continuing craft development & exercises (workshops & acting coaches)
– Even the most talented actors can reach a new level… with a tough and honest coach!
4. Theatre & Student Films
– Theatre is a great way to ground actors, so take the time to get involved in a show.  And student films are a great way to expand the actors’ network of up-and-coming filmmakers, as well as  get additional projects for the reel. (Just be sure to get a copy of it pronto!)
5. Update variety of looks / audition wardrobe
– Has the actor worn the same blue shirt to every audition? How about getting a new one, so when the actor gets the call, they feel confident about their look. Also, think out-of-the-box and consider any additional  looks they can put together for auditions.
6. Meet up with other actors and start an improv troupe (great for auditions)
– All actors can never “improv” too much, especially as a tool for auditions. So make a plan to meet  with other talented actors and exercise this important auditioning technique. The networking doesn’t  hurt either? (They could have a project that they read about, but isn’t right for them. Share info!)
7. Research & update the reels
– It is never easy getting copies of actors projects. So, take the time to get copies of recent projects  and then invest in a useful tool– an updated reel.
8. Venturing & expanding to other markets (agents) reasonably
– For example, actors in Nashville could consider getting representation in Memphis and Atlanta. But be sure that if  the actor lists with an agent in any city, that getting to auditions or callbacks (and hopefully  jobs) won’t require “changing the world.” This would be counter-productive.
9. Pick up a “useable” hobby for a role (special tool)
– How about learning ear prompter & teleprompter? This special skill is extremely useful in lifestyle  markets with industrial/training video projects.
10. Keep a positive attitude!!!
– Continue to build a relationship with the agent, as well as get involved with a charity or community  organization helping younger performers grow and learn the actor’s skill-set. A positive attitude can help  focus a career better than most believe.
Nashville talent agency BNA Talent Group opened shop on famed Music Row during the first half of this economic downturn and in reality, has been operating during one of the hardest financial periods during our nations memory.
Nashville Talent Agency Owner Josh Robbins

Owner | Agent - Josh Robbins

Talent agent, Josh Robbins says, “Actors can create opportunities for themselves during any economic period in our industry. It is not about sitting and waiting for the phone to ring, it is about actors building their skill-set to be ready when the phone starts ringing again. Economic periods are just that– periods. I love working with actors that understand the power they hold during these times– that they can create opportunities to grow and develop as artists and won’t become stagnant in their career and craft.”

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