Becky Fly Shoots Scene with Robin Williams

Becky Fly Shoots Scene with Williams

As Appearing in Jackson Sun on June 17, 2013

Written by Kelly M. South

Many know Becky Fly has had roles in several movies. She has been featured in “The Help,” “Demon Lake,” ‘The Last Exorcism” and “Texas Killing Fields,” just to name a few. But her recent role as a night nurse in a movie currently being filmed in Nashville called “Boulevard” had her star struck.

Becky Fly actress from BNA Talent Group

Becky Fly actress (courtesy of BNA Talent Group)

That’s because she filmed a scene with the movie’s star, Robin Williams.

She may have only had six lines in the movie and filmed her scene in one night on June 7, but she loved every bit of it. Fly is also the drama teacher at Madison Academic High School.

“It felt so great to be working with someone of his stature,” Fly said in reference to Williams. She and Williams were the only ones in that particular scene. “One of the best things about it — it wasn’t a funny role, it wasn’t quirky — it was real acting and I loved it.”

According to, “Boulevard” is about “a devoted husband in a marriage of convenience who is forced to confront his secret life.”

It is directed by Dito Montiel and stars Williams, Kathy Baker and Bob Odenkirk.

Fly described her scene with Williams. As her character is standing in front of the ICU window with Williams’ character and as they are looking at his father in the hospital bed, they talk about how sad the situation is and how he just wants for his dad to get better.

“He was great to everybody on that set no matter what job they had or what part they had,” Fly said. “Every once in awhile he would turn into vintage Robin Williams and would go off, but there wasn’t a whole lot of that because what we were doing was so very serious.”

Their scene was the last shot of that night, Fly said. And the cast and crew were getting ready to go on a long weekend.

Fly said she and Williams spoke to each other before each take.

“They shot us from behind looking into the room and put the camera into the room and shot us head on,” Fly said. “We did each of them in about four takes.”

The scene was filmed at a hospital. While everyone was running around getting stuff done before they filmed their scene, Fly said she and Williams talked about how tragic it was to have a serious illness.

“Either to have it or watch people go through it,” she said. “He is very empathetic. He was just great. … He was just your typical working actor except it was Mrs. Doubtfire. It was so great.”

At the end of the shoot for her scene, Fly said she gave Williams a hug. “I said, ‘You know, you’re a great guy and no wonder wonderful things happen for you.’ It was a wonderful way to spend an evening.”

Fly said she even had her own trailer during the shoot with her name on the door with masking tape.

“You never know. The shot could be cut,” Fly said. “But you still get paid.”