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BNA Talent Group is a Nashville talent agency representing actors, hosts, celebrities, models and children for commercials, film, television, industrials, music videos, print and more.  BNA Talent Group submits and closes deals on both union and non-union projects and remains one of Nashville’s most selective talent agencies.

BNA Talent Group is a full service talent agency in Nashville TN, owned and operated by veteran agent Josh Robbins.

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BNA Talent Group talent and Nashville modeling agency works with casting calls for feature films, television, industrials, radio, hosting, print and children in Tennessee and the Southeast. We always recommend checking reliable sources when looking for “Nashville Talent Agency Reviews” about “Talent Agencies in Nashville TN.” BNA Talent Group is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and a client of Breakdown Services.



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Becky Fly actress from BNA Talent Group
Becky Fly Shoots Scene with Robin WilliamsJul 9, 2013

Becky Fly Shoots Scene with Williams

As Appearing in Jackson Sun on June 17, 2013 Written by Kelly M. South Many know Becky Fly has had roles in several movies. She has been featured in “The Help,” “Demon Lake,” ‘The Last Exorcism” and “Texas Killing Fields,” just to name a few. But her recent role as a night nurse in a movie currently being filmed in Nashville called “Boulevard” had her star struck. [caption id="attachment_569" align="alignleft" width="249"]Becky Fly actress from BNA Talent Group Becky Fly actress (courtesy of BNA Talent Group)[/caption] That’s because she filmed a scene with the movie’s star, Robin Williams. She may have only had six lines in the movie and filmed her scene in one night on June 7, but she loved every bit of it. Fly is also the drama teacher at Madison Academic High School. “It felt so great to be working with someone of his stature,” Fly said in reference to Williams. She and Williams were the only ones in that particular scene. “One of the best things about it — it wasn’t a funny role, it wasn’t quirky — it was real acting and I loved it.” According to, “Boulevard” is about “a devoted husband in a marriage of convenience who is forced to confront his secret life.” It is directed by Dito Montiel and stars Williams, Kathy Baker and Bob Odenkirk. Fly described her scene with Williams. As her character is standing in front of the ICU window with Williams’ character and as they are looking at his father in the hospital bed, they talk about how sad the situation is and how he just wants for his dad to get better. “He was great to everybody on that set no matter what job they had or what part they had,” Fly said. “Every once in awhile he would turn into vintage Robin Williams and would go off, but there wasn’t a whole lot of that because what we were doing was so very serious.” Their scene was the last shot of that night, Fly said. And the cast and crew were getting ready to go on a long weekend. Fly said she and Williams spoke to each other before each take. “They shot us from behind looking into the room and put the camera into the room and shot us head on,” Fly said. “We did each of them in about four takes.” The scene was filmed at a hospital. While everyone was running around getting stuff done before they filmed their scene, Fly said she and Williams talked about how tragic it was to have a serious illness. “Either to have it or watch people go through it,” she said. “He is very empathetic. He was just great. ... He was just your typical working actor except it was Mrs. Doubtfire. It was so great.” At the end of the shoot for her scene, Fly said she gave Williams a hug. “I said, ‘You know, you’re a great guy and no wonder wonderful things happen for you.’ It was a wonderful way to spend an evening.” Fly said she even had her own trailer during the shoot with her name on the door with masking tape. “You never know. The shot could be cut,” Fly said. “But you still get paid.”
Regina Moore
Nashville Casting Director Regina Moore Provides InsightJul 3, 2012

Regina MooreRegina Moore, a leading veteran Nashville Casting Director for film, commercials, music videos and print provides critical information for actors and parents regarding the casting process from her perspective.


Recently,  BNA Talent Group asked Nashville Casting Director Regina Moore for insight and perspective on auditions and casting calls in town.

  BNA: From knowing you personally and professionally over the years and by reviewing your website (, you are one busy Nashville casting director. Over the years of casting, what was one of your favorite projects to cast? REGINA: It was difficult as we were casting in quite a few markets to find the talent, but I would say The Liberty Mutual Series of commercials a couple of years back. The Director was very creative and I was very excited that almost all of the talent selected were from Nashville. BNA: As an agency, we sometimes encounter actors that don't invest A kids headshotmuch into a professional headshot. How important, from a casting director viewpoint, is having a  professional headshot versus a picture that the actor's friend or neighbor shot? Does it ever exclude someone from potentially being seen during a casting session? REGINA: First impressions are lasting. I just want the photo to look like them when they walk in the casting room. An overly airbrushed professional headshot falsely representing an actor and is just as damaging as a candid shot with bad lighting. When deciding on a professional headshot, make it true to who you are. Makeup should be everyday makeup, the way you would normally wear it. The same with hair and clothing. I cannot tell you how many times I have looked at a photo and thought, “Is this the actor’s younger Brother or Sister”? This is the norm for the Director to request a digital shot at the casting of each actor, as they audition. They want an accurate representation of the actor to refer to when making choices. If you have changed hair cut or color, or gained or lost weight, please update. Many actors think “Oh, it is O.K. I still look like that!” No you do not! It shows how serious you are when you understand the importance of an accurate photo for the Talent Agent to submit and the Casting Director to consider. BNA:  What is the biggest mistake (overall) that you encounter when an actor comes to audition for you for a project? (Either in the waiting room or in the casting room?) REGINA: Waiting Room mistakes – While in the waiting room , I would say that talent feel they can be rude to my staff and I will not Casting Roomfind out about it. I know the actor thinks, “Well that has nothing to do with my ability to act”. I think it has a lot to do with it. I don’t want to put my client through a day of dealing with an individual with a bad attitude. Believe me, I will get a call complaining of the terrible day makeup and hair have had dealing with the actor’s attitude and production complaining will make a mental NOT to hire that Actor again. If a client has to be on a set all day with talent and crew they want to pick the best, not only in reference to their talents, but also those that make the work day pleasant. It’s like that in every other work place setting. Those that cause waves, usually do not last very long. Casting Room mistakes – Please be prepared. If you did not get the script, which you always should have (If it was sent ahead of time), please ask when you arrive if time permits for you to get it and look it over. It depends on the way the audition has been laid out. It is a waste of your time if you are not prepared and a waste of my audition time if you want to just wing it. Also, please understand that I am on a schedule, so I will not have time to socialize, if there are other actors waiting to audition. BNA: What are a few do(s) and don't(s) that you wish every actor or parent understood before walking into one of your casting sessions? REGINA: Adults – Always have everything that I have requested Casting Director Nashvillethat you bring to the audition, promotional materials, casting sheets, etc… Know Your Script! Be prepared to make changes. Just because you rehearsed it that way does not mean that is the way the Client may want it. The key thing is seeing the Actor take direction and the ability to make changes. Parents – I will not invite you into the casting room because I will not have the full attention of your child, if you are there. Also, I have had Parents to start directing their child when I tell them what to do. That is confusing for the Child. There will only be one Director on the set. Also, if your child just does not want to be at the audition, let it go. It disturbs me to see Parents bribing their child to get through the audition. If the child wants to truly be there, bribery is not necessary. BNA: Any last recommendations for actors or parents concerning auditioning (training, headshots, resumes, etc.)? REGINA: Please do not expect a high school or college acting class to carry you through your career, It is a skill that must be developed and honed. Everyone wants to compete on a professional level, but are reluctant to put the time and energy into the ongoing growth required to excel in the art of acting. Preparation is required, so you will be ready when that opportunity arises. If you work a 9 to 5 job, they expect you to stay up on the skills that define your job. How is Acting any different? Take the time to prepare and know it will take time to meet your goals. Be patient, believe enough to want to be the best by preparing and waiting for you time to come.
BNA Talent Group owner, Josh Robbins, highly recommends the highly successful workshops for performers in which Regina Moore and her team at Moore Casting conduct multiple times throughout the year. There are several workshops dated to begin soon, so please visit to take your acting craft into your own hands and better prepare yourself for the next audition!
Moore Casting


Regina Moore has been working in the Entertainment industry for twenty-five plus years. Starting out as a talent, Regina understands the artistic side of the camera. Due to her creative nature, it wasn’t long before Regina was working in various areas of production. She’s been instrumental in educating talent and supporting communication between the talent and the talent agent. She serves as a voice on Film/Television related boards and organizations. As a trained actor and coach, she has that special eye for talent, and knows how to bring the best out of an actor in the audition process. She recently released the book "Words On A Page - Monologues for Young Performers" co-authored by Cali Moore.  Click here to purchase the highly recommended book. 

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