Thank you for your interest in BNA Talent Group in Nashville.

Since 2009, BNA Talent Group challenged the establishment in talent representation and production in Nashville using innovative representation strategies and proudly took a stand against unlimited usage commercials by being the only Nashville talent agency to turn down every project that was not fair to our talent. We are still hopeful other powerful talent agencies in Nashville will finally commit to protecting the interests of performers by requiring all projects specify an end date. Sometimes the ethical thing to do is not always the easiest. BNA Talent Group made that commitment to performers and we never backed down! We never compromised on that promise and responsibility to actors. That’s our legacy.

BNA Talent Group is not currently accepting submissions for representation.  

BNA Kids Agency may be accepting electronic submissions. Please visit that agency website for more information or contact the BNA Kids’ staff, directly.


For urgent matters only, email {please no submissions.}