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BNA Talent Group continues to experience recognizable success regionally and nationally by placing clients in studio & indie theatrical films.


BNA Talent Group client's appear in theatrical films and broadcast television.

BNA KIDS leads the market in innovation for remaining paperless & green, saving time and money.


BNA Talent Group's HOSTING division represents nationally recognized hosts including Patricia Lopez & Katie Cook.

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BNA Talent Group is a Nashville talent agency representing actors, hosts, celebrities, models and children for commercials, film, television, industrials, music videos, print and more.  BNA Talent Group submits and closes deals on both union and non-union projects and remains one of Nashville’s most selective talent agencies.

BNA Talent Group is a full service talent agency in Nashville TN

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BNA Talent Group talent and Nashville modeling agency works with casting calls for feature films, television, industrials, radio, hosting, print and children in Tennessee and the Southeast. We always recommend checking reliable sources when looking for “Nashville Talent Agency Reviews” about “Talent Agencies in Nashville TN.” BNA Talent Group is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau and a client of Breakdown Services.



BNA Talent Group client, Ted Welch (The Help), finishes an amazing year of television. | Congratulations, Ted! | Client News

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Tips for HeadshotsApr 1, 2016
After someone has booked their headshot session, one of the first things they ask about is wardrobe. I have seen everything from someone showing up to a session with a couture fashion show to someone showing up and pulling a wrinkled, smelly, stained t-shirt out of a plastic bag. So what is the right way to approach clothing for headshots? Click here to read the list on Backstage.
Casting Room
Advice for ActorsMar 15, 2016
Actors spend their lives experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and physical traits of the characters they play. Add to that the audition process: a regular routine of having to prove these characters can live believably to an audience. Admitting you need a break can sometimes feel like a betrayal of what actors are raised to believe about their career choice. Actors tend to be very hard on themselves. They push themselves harder to experience as many opportunities as possible, feel a sense of allegiance to the craft, and love of the art that can make them feel as if they are almost betraying something sacred by admitting they need to press pause. This feeling can then sometimes be misinterpreted as being uninspired. It’s important to be able to tell the difference between just needing a break or having lost the desire to ever do the work again. Read the full advice by clicking here.
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